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Drug circulation industry "13th Five-Year plan" issued by the pharmaceutical business to embrace the new "blue ocean"

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In February 3rd, the Ministry of Commerce issued the national drug circulation industry development plan (2016 - 2020). It is clear that the pharmaceutical circulation industry should be guided to allocate resources effectively, construct the drug circulation network throughout the urban and rural areas, and gradually improve the concentration of the industry. By 2020, we should form a modern drug circulation system with unified and open, orderly competition, optimization of network layout, high organization level and high circulation efficiency, safe and convenient, and the benefit of the masses.

"For the overall purpose, the key lies in the" modern "two characters. In other words, we should use modern logistics and information technology to develop modern drug circulation modes, such as drug chain management, cooperative logistics and medical electronic commerce, and bring into play modern service functions such as integrated management of drug supply chain and large health management. The head of the Department of market order of the Ministry of Commerce said that it is of great significance for further promoting the transformation and upgrading of the drug circulation industry in China, guiding the reform and development of drug circulation enterprises and promoting the modernization of drug circulation.

The "Economic Daily" reporter learned that in the plan, it was also specially proposed that by 2020, we should cultivate a large number of large drug circulation enterprises with network coverage, intensive and informational. At the same time, it supports the cooperation of drug circulation enterprises with medical institutions, medical insurance departments and e-commerce enterprises to carry out pharmaceutical business services, to provide patients with non prescription drugs "network ordering (Medicine)", "network ordering (Medicine)" and other convenient services to promote the integration and development of line and line. This means that the pharmaceutical business will usher in a new opportunity for development.

Medical electricity providers have maintained rapid growth in China for 6 consecutive years. According to CMH data, the total sales volume of online drugstores reached 11 billion yuan in 2015, an increase of 52.8% over 2014. Among them, the scale of drugs amounted to 3 billion yuan, accounting for 27.3% of online pharmacy operations, an increase of 57.9% over 2014. It is estimated that the total scale of online pharmacies will reach 16 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 45.5% compared with the same period last year, and the growth of single drug products to 4 billion yuan.

Although in July 2016, the State Administration of food and drug administration called on the Internet third party platform online drugstore retail pilot work, but it did not have much impact on the online pharmacies that have already got B certificate and C certificate enterprise qualification. The standard market will bring greater dividends to the regular pharmaceutical business, create a new "blue sea" "." It is reported that at present, although the third party platform can not directly carry out drug trading, but can be used for drug store online drug display, users will click on the purchase will also directly jump to the pharmacy website to achieve transactions. In the future, the Internet technology and modern logistics will be an important way for the pharmaceutical circulation enterprises to improve their competitiveness, according to the industry expert Yin and Xiao.

Under the promotion of various policies, many pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises have built their own Internet docking platform. For example, a good pharmacist's drugstore has opened a flagship shop in the Jingdong, Tmall and other platforms, carrying out the whole network coverage marketing, realizing the line and line integration, "online pharmacies + entity Drugstore" model. In order to match the O2O layout of Jiuzhou Tong Group, a good pharmacist pharmacist announced that it plans to add 30 stores in Beijing's five rings this year to achieve "24 hours of drug delivery, 1 hours must reach" in the city's core area.

Industry experts say, with a series of policies such as "planning" landing, "13th Five-Year", large drug circulation enterprises will accelerate integration and expansion through mergers and acquisitions, listing and financing, issuing bonds and other ways. A batch of pharmaceutical companies such as benevolence and medicine are expected to continue to feed "Internet + medicine" in a group of early medical O2O business. "Industry cake, which means that the pharmaceutical circulation enterprises that conform to the trend of industrial development are expected to gain more growth than industry growth, and those who stick to the traditional industry will be eliminated.