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R & D team
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Jiangsu great alliance Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. technology center is located in the company's quality inspection R & D building. It includes a research and development center, a CNAS testing center and an expert workstation. There are nearly 40 PhD, master, undergraduate and related external experts. Jiangsu great League Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the core technical department of the company, providing a full range of technical services for the introduction of the company's product technology and the output of its own products. And adhering to the concept of "innovation ability of the technology center is the core driving force of future enterprise development" and the concept of "differentiated and industrialized" R & D, increasing investment, focusing on the development of large health products, focusing on the technical services of the open platform of the company and focusing on the intelligent flexible production.

The center pays attention to the cooperation of production, learning and research. With the public platform incubator of Taizhou medical city park and other government agencies to maintain a good cooperation and complementary relationship, and with the China Medicine University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Jiangsu University, Jiangxi University of Chinese medicine and other universities as well as the ten former medical research and development companies in the country, cooperation to develop more than 20 new product project research and development each year .

The company pays more attention to the construction of intellectual property and talent team, applies more than 10 inventions every year, applies a number of scientific and technological funds at all levels, and introduces 10 masters, doctorates and experts. The provincial engineering and technology center will be built in 5 years, and the National Engineering and technology center will be built in 10 years.