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The State Council issued the plan for deepening the reform of the medical and health system in 13th Five-Year.

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In January 10th, the medical network was signed by Premier Li Keqiang. The State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" plan for the deepening of the reform of the medical and health system (hereinafter referred to as "the plan"), which was deployed to speed up the establishment of the basic medical and health system in accordance with the national conditions, and to promote the modernization of the medical and health management system and the ability to govern.

"The plan" points out that the "13th Five-Year" period is the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also the key period for establishing and perfecting the basic medical and health system and promoting the construction of healthy China. On the basis of consolidating the achievements of the early reform and summarizing the experience carefully, we should further unify the thought, firm faith and strengthen the force, and further strengthen the organization leadership, the system innovation and the key breakthroughs, and push the medical reform from a good foundation to the improvement of quality, from the formation frame to the system construction, from the single breakthrough to the system integration. And comprehensively promote the use of the Chinese way to crack down on the worldwide challenges of medical reform, and to add new impetus to safeguarding people's health and promoting economic and social development.

The plan puts forward new breakthroughs in the construction of the 5 systems. One is to establish a scientific and reasonable system of grading diagnosis and treatment. In 2020, the model of grading diagnosis and treatment is gradually formed, and the system of grading diagnosis and treatment is basically established in accordance with the national conditions. Two is to establish a scientific and effective modern hospital management system. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level and speed up the comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals. By 2020, we will basically establish a modern hospital management system with Chinese characteristics, clear responsibilities, scientific management, perfect governance, efficient operation and strong supervision. The three is to establish an efficient and universal medical insurance system. We should improve the financing mechanism, deepen the reform of the way of medical insurance payment, accelerate the promotion of the national network of basic medical insurance and direct settlement of medical treatment in other places, and improve the precision of the insurance for the difficult people to pay for the difficult people. The four is to establish a standardized and orderly supply system for drug supply. To implement the reform of the whole process of drug production, circulation and use, to build a national drug policy system in accordance with the national conditions, to rationalize the price of drugs, and to ensure that the drug is safe and effective, the price is reasonable, and the supply is fully supplied. The five is to establish a strict and standardized comprehensive supervision system. We should deepen the reform of "tube clothing" in the field of medicine and health, build a diversified supervision system, strengthen the comprehensive supervision of the whole industry, and guide the evaluation of the standard third party and the self-discipline of the industry.

The plan requires that the reform of the related fields should be promoted, the use of personnel training and the mechanism of incentive and evaluation should be perfected, and the pattern of multiple medical services should be accelerated and the public health service system will be promoted. We should strengthen organizational leadership, emphasize the implementation of responsibility, pay attention to reform and exploration, strengthen scientific and technological support, promote international cooperation, strengthen supervision and evaluation and publicity and guidance to ensure the implementation of all measures.