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Promoting the sustained, healthy and scientific development of traditional Chinese Medicine

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Acupuncture and moxibustion into the "national ceremony", "God medicine" Artemisia annua anti malaria pick the highest national science and technology award, "China grass" to save millions of lives around the world...... The traditional Chinese medicine "international norm" is full of historical opportunities for "heaven, earth, and people". Chinese medicine is China's unique health resources, huge potential economic resources and technological resources with original advantages.

According to the law of traditional Chinese medicine, we should follow the law of the growth of Chinese medicine talents and pay attention to the combination of modern educational methods and traditional education methods. Sun Guangrong, a professor of national medicine and professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, believes that this is aimed at practical problems such as the single way of talent cultivation and the shortage of talents. Sun Guangrong said, "the source of the flow is free", we should take the classic Chinese medicine as the fundamental development of its unique thinking situation, pay attention to the link between the basic theory study and the clinical practice, and take the medical skill and medical ethics as the first standard of assessment.

Chinese medicine pays attention to "peace" and "harmony" and highlights the concept of integrity. "Traditional Chinese medicine is a study of human medicine, rather than a simple study of the human body, and contains a unique philosophical system of thought. This needs to establish a system of technological innovation and evaluation in accordance with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine." Professor Liu Baoyan, the chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine, believes that the evaluation methods follow in modern medicine are fixed and single, while traditional Chinese medicine is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the evaluation system that meets the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.

How can Chinese medicine give full play to the clinical effect? The Chinese medicine law emphasizes that Chinese medicine should be strengthened in the prevention and treatment of common diseases, frequently occurring diseases, chronic diseases, major diseases and infectious diseases. "Maintaining the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine is the key to helping the masses to prevent and cure diseases."